About The Project

XS Coin is based on proof of work and on latest, relevant and best technology that is blockchain - DASH COIN technology. We have utilized the technology blockchain which is a basic of the cryptocurrency. This is a superior technology and is a digitized public ledger which avoids centralization. Most cryptocurrencies don’t take its full advantage, but we have used it from a core. As it is an imperative part.

XS is a coin which is unique from the other coins. And our way of using the blockchain technology with full potential makes us unique in the market. Only the blockchain doesn’t make us unique, apart from this, in this, we have to use the best technology of blockchain that is DASH COIN, which keeps the record. It is made on X11 Script. Our service is secure and it is easy to use, so due to simplicity and easiest characteristic anyone can run it and it is the fastest. Our motive is to take the cryptocurrency to the wider customer base. It is fully operational, independent and privately owned.

Our Features

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  • Electronic wallet is called Windows Wallet
  • Wallet on your PC
  • Wallet enables you to lead exchanges


  • Linux wallet for enables you to deal with XsCoin
  • Wallet on your PC
  • Full-estimate units of the chain

Advantage of the Project


Security System




With Arbitration

Our Roadmap

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  • JAN 2018

    Introducation of official XScoin website to global

  • FEB 2018

    Ideas and concepts are turned into reality: whitepapers, technical papers, mock-ups and process designs are created and completed.

  • MAR 2018

    PARTNERS & CONSULTANTS: the team is rounded off by major partners and prestigious consultants

  • APR 2018

    Market launch and start of the pre-sale phase

  • MAY 2018

    PROTOTYPE: the first alpha release of our trading
    platform goes into operation for investors.

  • JUN 2018

    The complete platform for all users, investors and affiliated companies is put into operation.

  • JUL 2018

    launch Coin

  • AUG 2018

    Trade On Exchange

Development of Xs coin Platform
(Road Map)

As we observe, to understand the Crypto market would take time and really complex . There is so many different opinion and have their own concept behind Crypto Market. Over the time we studied the market in every aspects. By measuring the feature, working, technicality and reliability of main cryptocurrency that is BTC, ETH, XRP etc. which all have high transaction fee and slow transaction(Block time) as compare to XSC (2.30 Block time). So, XSC (XSCoin the world ultimate Blockchain network platform system) with advanced security system is created to overcome all requirement needed. This is done by team of people of our association in the world Crypto Market. It was created to serve a highly political intent , a free uncensored network where all can participate with equal access.

  • 2016


    (September - October)

    Market Research

    (October - December)

  • 2017

    (1Q 2017)

    Formation of foundersteam Business plan

    (2Q 2017)

    Start of Platform

    (3Q 2017)

    Landing page

    (4Q 2017)

    Launch Platform
    in beta test mode

  • 2018

    (1Q 2018)

    Systemsand work
    with API Partners

    (2Q 2018)

    Launch the
    Platform in
    Full mode

    (4Q 2018)


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