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Government and other Public Sector Organisations

The public sector's influence comes directly, through government entities, state-owned enterprises and institutional funding, as well as indirectly, through regulation and oversight. The sector is facing major challenges, such as rising costs, growing deficits, shifting centers of economic activity and increasingly demanding customers.

Public services must meet a range of customer needs that is more complex and diverse than in any other sector. In the Seychelles, the Government serves over 90,000 persons with various services. While improving service and reducing costs, the governments must find different and more innovative ways of providing everything from education, health, local services and transportation to policing, environmental, border control and defence.

We bring together teams with expertise across the entire spectrum of public services. We challenge conventional thinking to deliver exceptional outcomes that create lasting impact for citizens worldwide. Some of the various areas in which we offer our expertise in Government include:

  • Economic Development
  • Healthcare
  • Public Finance
  • Information Technology
  • Operations
  • Organization Strategy
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