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Project and Programme management

Businesses often fall victim to risks such as poorly defined project goals and planning, lack of commitment by interest groups, inadequate skills mix in project teams, inadequate project design, or poorly defined roles and responsibilities. Communication problems, or poor risk management, also have an impact. More than 80 percent of all problems arise at the planning phase in the project cycle, and can be prevented if project management methodologies are applied correctly.

  •     Change management
  •     Project and programme management

As corporate projects become more complex, a professional system of project management is increasingly important and here we are to help out.Using the most up-to-date tools, Valsen Consulting's experts can help organisations to ensure that a project goes where it should.

Valsen Consulting supports its clients in the following areas:

  •     Carrying out independent assessments of the current project status, the project management processes and the main project results
  •     Optimisation of programme and project management and reduction of project costs, based on practically tested methods and tools and experienced project managers
  •     Identification of project risks and implementation of a suitable project risk management process
  •     Setting up and running a project or programme office
  •     Implementation of appropriate controls for the entire project, ensuring effective project controls and an adequate reporting system
  •     Improved supervision and control in relation to the achievement of the added value aspired to, on the basis of suitable processes, tools and reports
  •     Acting as a supervisory trustee to check that official requirements are complied with

The aim of all this is to succeed in controlling the project and creating added value for the company. Valsen Consulting's services in this field extend to individual projects, programmes of mutually interdependent projects and even the control of an entire corporate portfolio of activities.




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