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Compliance Service

To prevent identity theft fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing, Know Your Customer (KYC) polices are becoming increasingly important globally. Today’s business environment is without margin for error, with heavy emphasis on maintaining ethical standards and meeting requirements outlined by regulatory institutions.

Compliance Services

The Valsen Compliance Portal offers an integrated solution that enables firms to be compliant with KYC regulations and manage the associated non-compliance risks. Our solution focuses on reducing your compliance burden, by providing background checks on individuals and legal entities, as well as document management systems.

We improve your level of risk management by offering a risk-based tiered approach that is configurable for small, medium and large businesses in various industries. Valsen’s Compliance Portal clients benefit immediately from:

  •     A complete and efficient identity verification system
  •     Self-sustaining electronic document management
  •     A comprehensive risk management system
  •     An experienced compliance department

The Valsen legal and compliance team provides high-quality legal support services through an integrated client cooperative approach, resulting in customized and highly focused compliance and legal support services




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