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Corporate Strategy


Corporate Strategy Strategy is the integrated set of actions an organization takes to create competitive advantage. It is a complex journey of large and small decisions made in a rapidly evolving external business environment that must take into account a company’s operating rhythm and leadership dynamics. Today, strategic planning and execution are complicated by high levels of economic volatility and unpredictable regulatory changes.

Our Strategy Practice has the tools, experience, expertise, and insights to support clients throughout their strategic journey in today’s constantly evolving global economy. What we do We assist organisations both public sector and private sector through the strategic planning process and action planning. Using various tools, Valsen assists clients in developing a strategic direction, supported by the necessary reallocation of resources and coordinated business unit plans, and designing a sustainable strategy development process.


Our Strategy Practice supports clients in several areas including: Identifying high impact trends We pay special attention to the powerful economic forces that are likely to affect the business environment in the next five to ten years. We employ various analysis tools to understand trends of economic indicators and identify the forces that will make or break strategies going forward. Developing effective business unit strategies We help clients design, test, refine, and implement their strategies, ensuring they will beat the market by vetting them.


Engaging with external stakeholders, government, and regulators In a progressively more complex regulatory environment, we help clients craft clear and consistent messages and plan engagement with a broad range of stakeholders regulators, consumers, shareholders, and the public to create mutually valuable solutions.


Tools such as our Value at Stake Decomposition Tool, Stakeholder Analysis and Mapping Tool, and Regulatory and External Affairs Capabilities diagnostic take the mystery out of external affairs, and help clients build a regulatory strategy that is based on quantitative analysis and detailed planning




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