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Investment Support Services Summary

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We Offer Investment Support Services in Seychelles. Our services include:


Our Services

Strategic consulting (initial consultation)

  • We get to know you and your company.
  • Delineating first approaches.
  • Analysis of your project together with you in order to support your decision making process.
  • Outline of a specific concept for future collaboration.

Strategy advisory

  • Revue of an initial idea regarding practicability
    • Collaboration of market analysis or feasibility study, if applicable
  • Further development of the business concept to a viable business model in Seychelles
    • Elaboration of a realizable business plan,if applicable
  • Provision of critical understanding of conditions in the target market
  • Development of custom tailored solutions with regard to the product in the target market
  • Research of relevant information for your business case: Local peculiarities, location factors, legal framework, etc.

Implementation advisory

  • Check of the existing business model in the Seychelles context
  • Development of custom tailored solutions with regard to the product in the target market
  • Identification of the ideal location
  • Assistance in implementing the business case on the spot in Seychelles
  • Introduction to specialized local partners (customers, vendors, cooperation partners)
  • Collective business trip into the target country and introduction into the relevant networks
  • Attendance in dealing with authorities
  • Support in human resources management

Expert monitoring, consulting, or supervision on running projects

  • Supporting you in your running engagement in Seychelles or after having developed a business model together with you.
  • Assisting you in implementing your projects, optimizing processes, and offering solutions for acute problems.
  • Making political contacts for lobbying and investment protection.

Representation of in Seychelles

  • Market evaluation
  • In-depth market research
  • Local representation of your company
  • Search for local managers and staff
  • Increase of the local footprint of your company step by step
  • If desired: Acting as your sales representative


Acquisition of capital

  • Company valuation
  • Corporate finance advisory
  • Strategic, financial and legal structuring of your project
  • Search for strategic and/or financial investors
  • Search for public funding bodies (i.e. international organizations, development banks)
  • Contacting and conduct of negotiations
  • Multi stakeholder dialogue

M&A advisory

  • Search for potential projects / target companies through our local and international networks (buy-side mandate)
  • Search for potential buyers(sell-side mandate)
  • Company valuation
  • Short-listing of targets/candidates
  • Contacting and conduct of negotiations
  • Multi stakeholder dialogue

CSR advisory

  • Initial discussion with appraisal and targeting
  • Formulation and presentation of a project draft with short description, SWOT analysis, arrangements of possible options and rough estimate of costs
  • Discussion of the project, including adjustments, leading to developing a draft of a preliminary project timeline
  • Information research and establishment of important contacts before start of project; research and proposal of potential project partners
  • Project development - either together with you or mainly through us
  • Fine tuning of the project plan, including time planning, budgeting, definition of milestones and stopping points
  • Local project management; educational measures if applicable
  • Comprehensive documentation of the project that can be used by you for public relations activities
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